Running Self Defence Guide For Women


Driving alone at home and feeling uncomfortable? Having an odd vibe on the bus from a stranger? There were lots of us there.

81 per cent reported witnessing some form of sexual harassment, assault, or both in their lifetime, in a January 2018 study of 1,000 women nationwide.

The most popular type was verbal abuse, but 51 per cent of women claimed that they were kissed or groped in an inappropriate manner, while 27 per cent of women survived sexual assault.

A University of Oregon study showed that women who took part in a self-defense program thought they were: Better security strategies were in place. In the sense of possible attack or violence, they were better prepared to cope with strangers and people they meet, Their minds had more good emotions Self-confidence grew

Self-Defense Running Tips

Hammer strike

One of the best ways to protect yourself is by using car keys. Don’t use your fingernails, so your palms are at higher risk of damage.

Instead, make your keys stand out from one side of your fist for hammer hits if you feel nervous when walking at night.


Clicking them on a lanyard to swing at your attacker is another way to use your buttons.

With keys extended from the side of your hand, keeping the keyring in a close fist, like holding a hammer.

Thrust into the goal downwards.

Be aware, not beware, your surroundings

Run to a familiar place where you can easily find help. This should not suggest that you do not indulge in trail running. Run-on paths that are familiar to you, instead. Save the discovery of new places for the weekend running or hiking with friends.

Know that crime knows no boundaries or demographics

If you’re running in a big city, a quiet community or in a remote area, it doesn’t matter; predators are everywhere. It is not a matter of being paranoid; it is a matter of being knowledgeable, optimistic and motivated. A attacker takes only 7 seconds to pick their next victim! A terrifying reality, but one that’s well known. Their two greatest fears are being injured and being stuck. Even the worst case situation, this information can empower you. Battle back and cause a scene.The criminal tries to commit the ultimate crime and, by choosing you, he evaluates in those few seconds whether he runs an elevated chance of being hurt or caught.

Learn to develop boundaries, even with people you know

The National Network on Rape, Assault & Incest estimates that 70% of incidents of sexual harassment are not perpetrated by unknown men in a dark alley, but by persons we know: friends, families, spouses, co-workers, etc.

This will allow us to let down our guard. Maybe we’re too afraid, too shy, or too frightened to hurt the feelings of someone that we don’t really worry about ourselves.

These key preventive principles also include:

Awareness: Be sure that you know as much as possible about the climate. Limit disruptions from place to place or other public settings while walking. Do not look down at the phone endlessly. Be sure that you can hear everything around you. Keep the keys packed. With a reason, walk.

Boundaries:Make it a point to remind yourself why you are made unhappy by others. For them, be verbal. No matter how much you want a friendship or relationship to succeed, they’re someone you shouldn’t have in your life if they can’t respect your boundaries.

Body language while running is important

For indicators of weakness, offenders assess simple motions such as stride length, pace, distribution of body weight and arm swing. Strong body posture indicates that you are alert and trusting to a possible intruder. So try to run tall and relaxed, keep your shoulders back and head up, and make quick eye contact with people in your direction.

Self Defense Classes

In order to defend themselves, runners and individuals from all walks of life are practicing martial arts and self-defense techniques. As a modern means of improving health, certain persons participate in courses such as kickboxing or martial arts. But others are finding tools to add to their arsenal of self-protection.

Carry protection

Self-defense instruments will make you feel more at ease, whether it’s pepper spray, a personal protective warning, or a lipstick taser. For example, if you find yourself working late one evening and have to walk through a poorly lit parking lot to get to your vehicle, you need to be alert and armed. This is where the protection you need is offered to you by a stun gun.

Always carry your charged mobile phone

With GPS monitoring, there are new protection apps that can dial a friend/family member for you with only one click if necessary. Now a day of crime is at the top, assailants strike every person and rob everything. They will do it because you don’t know how to fight for them, because most people can’t fight against them. You do not know the tricks and tips for self defense. You ought to go to a self-defense school to learn how to combat attacks in order to grasp self-defense. If you have a mobile, you can save your money to go to school. On your smartphone, you can also use any common self-defense applications.Self-defense tactics and tricks can be mastered and quickly and battle against the attackers.

Run with someone else if possible, or with a dog

It’s always nice and cooler to run with a dog at your side, particularly when running in dim or dark surroundings. They scare off potential risks immediately, no matter how large (or small) they are. And, even the parents of little dogs realize they can make a lot of noise more frequently than not (often without cause).

Self Defense needs to know now

By participating in boxing and jiu-jitsu, women discovered a sense of physical and personal empowerment. Subsequent waves of the women’s rights movement paralleled the interest in women’s self-defense, especially with the emergence of Second-wave feminism in the 1960s and 1970s and Third-wave feminism in the 1990s.[6] Today’s Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) courses focus on teaching techniques for verbal and psychological as well as physical self-defense.


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