Murder Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Porirua Stabbing


A man who wounded a Porirua father of three during a fight is being investigated in Wellington today. 

Ngapaki Pukere Marcus Gripp is in the High Court at Wellington toward the beginning of today, where he is being investigated for killing 24-year-old Sharpen Pawa. 

He has argued not liable to the charge on the premise he wounded Pawa in self-preservation during an “awful” and “tenacious” assault. 

The pair were aliens to one another when Pawa was slaughtered at Te Rauparaha park in Porirua after a battle last May. 

Crown investigator Andrew Britton told the jury in his initial articulation that Gripp wounded Pawa multiple times, with the blade penetrating Pawa’s heart, stomach, and liver. 

He said Pawa and a portion of his relatives were savoring the focal point of the town upon the arrival of the assault, and for the most part making a “disturbance”. 

His family members had before gotten into a battle with an individual in Mutt Crowd clothing, which police needed to separate. 

Later in the early evening, Gripp and his cousin crashed into town and defied Pawa’s gathering, with Gripp’s cousin throwing the principal right hook, Britton said. 

Pawa, who had been further away, came running when he saw his siblings getting into a battle. 

Gripp got in and out of his vehicle a few times, at one point attempting to drive away as Pawa and the others assaulted it. 

They in the end let go of the vehicle as Gripp quickened away. Be that as it may, the battle continued when Gripp halted the vehicle a short distance down the road and got out once more, this time conveying a blade. 

He said words with the impact of “would you like to get wounded” before cutting Pawa multiple times, Britton said. 

The battle was then separated by an off the clock police sergeant, with individuals from the two gatherings escaping in different ways. 

Gripp and his cousin fled in the vehicle, with witnesses announcing seeing the driver of the vehicle giggling as it vanished. 

Pawa imploded in the Te Rauparaha Park, and off the clock cops combined on the scene, attempting to regulate emergency treatment. 

Paramedics showed up quickly a short time later, however, Pawa couldn’t be saved. 

Britton said clinical assessments uncovered one of the cut injuries was 18 centimeters down. 

Guard legal advisor Mike Antunovic said Gripp and his cousin had been working at a property in Kāpiti during the day, laying blocks. 

They were headed to play on the poker machines when they halted to arrange food and ran into Pawa’s gathering. 

“At the point when they stopped up out and about planning it to be an exceptionally short remain, they were assaulted,” Antunovic said. 

“This assault was, from the respondent’s perspective, abrupt, and it was horrendous, and it was unwavering, and it was unquestionably unwanted.” 

He said each of the four of the individuals from the other gathering was inebriated and “goal on savagery”, and that Gripp acted with regards to himself and his cousin. 

The preliminary proceeds before Equity Robert Dobson and a jury of eight ladies and four men. 

It is set to the most recent fourteen days. 

From the recording, the jury could see him driving off, with the other gathering harming his vehicle, before he halted, and escaped his vehicle displaying a blade. 

The Crown asserted Gripp went towards Pawa saying, “Would you like to get wounded, would you like to get cut,” and afterward cut him multiple times, with the killing blow entering his heart, stomach, and liver. 

Witnesses would state he was giggling as he drove away, Britton said. 

At the basic point Gripp was not acting with regards to himself, and utilized exorbitant power in wounding Pawa, Britton said. 

An off the clock cop was on the scene rapidly and Gripp fled. 

Pawa, two of his siblings and some others had been savoring the town community during the day, and they were being an aggravation, Britton said. Three of them had a battle with a man wearing Crossbreed Horde type garments. 

About an hour after that Gripp and his cousin were close to the gathering and Gripp’s cousin escaped the vehicle and threw the primary punch, Britton said. 

Pawa, who had been a short distance away, came running.


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