Local martial arts school offers a variety of Self Defense and Taekwondo classes



The name Taekwondo is derived from the Korean word “Tae” which means foot, “Kwon” which means clench hand and “Do” which means method of. Along these lines, in a real sense Taekwondo signifies “the method of the foot and clench hand”. The name Taekwondo, be that as it may, has just been utilized since 1955 while human expressions’ underlying foundations started 2,300 years back in Korea.


It is formally expressed that taekwondo began from the Korean combative techniques of the prior days. Some accept that the neighboring nations have affected the taekwondo structures partially. It is additionally said that taekwondo advanced from karate. At the point when Japan involved Korea, the Japanese affected the Korean culture and their method of living. The Korean works of art were restricted and a significant number of the Korean traditions were denied. Those in Japan during that time we’re presented to the Japanese hand to hand fighting. In the wake of the difficult long stretches of Japanese occupation, there was a craving to make a public game that was altogether Korean. This offered ascend to an extraordinarily Korean game called taekwondo. At last, it picked up fame worldwide and came to be remembered for the Olympic Games. 

Today, taekwondo is mainstream with the two sexes of various age gatherings. It is quite possibly the most mainstream Asian combative techniques. It is a game and exercise that creates strength, adaptability and endurance. It builds up the capacity to focus a lot on one’s qualities to accomplish the ideal objectives. In this way, taekwondo is a game that adds to the general improvement of a person. This ‘method of clench hand and foot’, as it is approximately made an interpretation of, stays to be perhaps the most refreshing combative techniques on the planet.

Self Defense

Taekwondo schools that train for self preservation may fuse a significant number of the accompanying components: 

  • Preparing in road garments instead of taekwondo outfits. 
  • Schooling in how to be more mindful of one’s environmental factors, with accentuation on likely undermining circumstances. 
  • Preparing in conditions outside the taekwondo school (parking areas, rear entryways, and so on).
  • Evasion of battle by means of methods, for example, verbal de-heightening and calls for help 
  • Preparing to get away or avoid an undermining circumstance 
  • Self preservation against equipped aggressors 
  • Self preservation against numerous aggressors 
  • ID and utilization of extemporized weapons 
  • Self protection from ground positions (e.g., hooking) 
  • Self preservation when off guard (hands loaded with goods, ensuring a kid, and so on) 
  • Comprehension of laws relating to the utilization of self preservation 
  • What to do in the wake of safeguarding one’s self (getting to wellbeing, calling the specialists, standing out enough to be noticed)

Six Taekwondo Self-defense Techniques

  1. Hair Grip Situation

Move your body to the side immediately and palm block to the elbow to the opponent then punch to the kidney your immediate reaction is the key to this technique.

  1.  Frontal Choke Encase

when the opponent is choking your neck first the knife and striking to the ribcage to distract the opponent ‘s attention then open the block with your both arms then knife and the striking to the neck then finishing with a chin. 

  1. Collar Grip Situation

Break the grip by moving one hand up and hand down the news to the closer arm for a real elbow strike to the facial section of the opponent.

  1. Pentagram

move back quickly and then palm block on the back of the opponent hand when opponents come at you you’re moving one foot backward to create a space and to protect yourself by turning your body slightly to the side then palms right to the nose.

  1. Shoulder Grab

Grab the back of the opponent’s right hand firmly with your right hand and press the opponent’s elbow with your left hand and step in to secure your leverage then press the opponent elbow down with your armpit grabbing the wrist tightly.

  1. Rear Shoulder Grab

Relax and look at the opponent, move your foot to the side of the opponent and raise your arm and circle around the opponent’s elbows Lock them tightly then uppercut to the kidney or rib cage or punch to the face.


As the end, hand to hand fighting is a demonstration of self preservation that everybody can adapt effectively and ace it on the off chance that they have the resolution to do it and it will be helpful in the event that we know the correct technique and the procedure with a powerful methodology. Ladies ought to learn and require hand to hand fighting as it will profit them from various perspectives, particularly these days where everything is so brave and wellbeing is rarely ensured. As countless things are growing, so is the crime percentage and criminal personalities. We really accept ladies should utilize military workmanship as it is helpful towards ladies wellbeing as the crime percentages are expanding, the necessities of ladies for the correct methods of self preservation and fabricate trust in ladies’ inclination. Notwithstanding, avoidance is generally such a great amount of in a way that is better than fix. An insightful one will know their cutoff and should never place themselves in a potential wrongdoing scene. A rational one will set their conscience aside and concede their shortcomings. In any case, a refined man will be the person who has the idea of duties to secure the ladies without judging that lady’s face first. In the event that they can be progressed in design, patterns, prattles and even sexual orientation rights, they should be progressed in dealing with one another security too without gloating on who is the more grounded one.


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